Neva Nude Nude Heart Invisible Knix Thong Pastie and Pantie Lingerie Set

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What Are They? 

InvisiKnix are like an invisible cloak for your vajayjay; these invisible, strapless, self-adhesive thongs cover all you need to work your magic all night long. Avoid lines in dresses, tight pants, or booty shorts with these Invisible Naughty Knix. Made with a non-woven fabric, 100% cotton lining, and silicone adhesive, these barely there panties will have people more confused than a Befuddlement Draught, asking themselves, "Blimey, is she wearing any underwear?".

Please note: there are a one time use :)

Across Front: 4 inches
Top of Front to Top of Heart: 13.25 inches 

Across Front: 4.5 inches 
Top of Front to Top of Heart: 13.50 inches 

Across Front: 4.75 inches 
Top of Front to Top of Heart: 14 inches 

3 inches wide
2.5 inches tall