WUVE Purple Dangle Resin Earrings.

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WUVE handmade is owned and operated by Cari Ann. Cari makes all her piece from scratch in her in home studio in Laughlin, NV. Each pair is a unique piece of art, with no two earrings looking exactly alike. Even the pair of earrings are sisters, not twins! Each piece is unique and is ensured to be fair trade because she's in charge of each step of the process! All crushed gemstones are ethically sourced, cleaned, cleansed and ready to be worn and loved. All resin pieces are made with eco-resin, a non-toxic form of resin. All earrings have stainless steel posts to ensure a comfortable, reaction free experience. They seriously weigh less than an ounce, they are insanely light and easy to wear!

Measures: 2" x 2"