Vintage Metallica Acid Wash Denim Jacket

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This piece is a true 80's relic. It's an entire rock n' roll life summed up into an arical of clothing. Metallica 'Cliff 'em all' graphic on the back, metallica partches, motley crue embroidery, tons of buttons including Metllica, Motley Crue, King Diamond, Skid Row, & Exudus. This jacket has tons of hand drawn wording too including Lost Boys, Pink Floyd, and the original owner's initials.

Vintage Metallica Acid Wash Fleece lined Denim Jacket 

Size: XL

Chest: 50"

 Damage: This bad boy has definitely been around the block and has the damage to proove it. Cigeratte smell, brown stain on left pocket, and holes on left shoulder & on Metallica back patch.