Ramhorn Rituals - Candle Magick Bags for Fire Spell Casting

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The woman behind Ramhorn Rituals specailizes in crafting powerful, fire-based spells in a convenient drawstring bag with directions that are easy to follow.

Each bag contains: 

I x 30mm Vile of Moon Water

I x 10mm Vile Enhanced Salt Mixture

I x  10mm Vile of Binding Honey

I x Ritual Candlestick

Enhanced Salt Mixtures for:

Black No. 01 - Cascarilla & Black Salt Mixture

Orange No. 02 - Mandarin Peel & Salt Mixture

Pink No. 03 - Rose Petal & Himalayan Salt Mixture

Blue No. 04 - Chamomile & Salt Mixture

White No. 05 - Bay Leaf & Salt Mixture

Red No. 06 - Cinnamon, Clove, Red Pepper Flakes & Himalayan Salt 

Green No. 07 - Shredded Currency & Salt

Purple No. 08 - Lavender, Rosemary, & Salt

Yellow No. 09 - Lemon Peel, Lemon Balm & Salt 

Magical Properties of Colors:

Red Passion, courage, strength, intense emotions Love, physical energy, health, willpower
Orange Energy, attraction, vitality, stimulation Adaptability to sudden changes, encouragement, power
Yellow Intellect, inspiration, imagination, knowledge Communication, confidence, divination, study
Green Abundance, growth, wealth, renewal, balance Prosperity, employment, fertility, health, good luck
Blue Peace, truth, wisdom, protection, patience Healing, psychic ability, harmony in the home, understanding
Violet Spirituality, wisdom, devotion, peace, idealism Divination, enhancing nurturing qualities, balancing sensitivity
White Peace, innocence, illumination, purity Cleansing, clarity, establishing order, spiritual growth, understanding
Black Dignity, force, stability, protection Banishing and releasing negative energies, transformation, enlightenment
Silver Wisdom, psychic ability, intelligence, memory Spiritual development, psychic development, meditation, warding off negativity
Gold Inner strength, self-realization, understanding, intuition Success, health, ambition, finances, good fortune, divination
Brown Endurance, solidity, grounding, strength Balance, concentration, material gain, home, companion animals
Grey Stability, contemplation, neutrality, reserve Complex decisions, binding negative influences, reaching compromise
Indigo Emotion, fluidity, insight, expressiveness Meditation, clarity of purpose, spiritual healing, self-mastery
Pink Affection, friendship, companionship, spiritual healing Romance, spiritual awakening, partnerships, children's magic


A Word of Caution:

Please practice fire spell-casting responsibly.

Be mindful of your surroundings and pay attention to your enhanced candle at all times.

Sparking can occur!

Ingredients in spell bags could contain possible allergens or irritants for certain people prone to them.

Including: Egg shell, honey, herbs, florals, spices & essential oils.

Keep out of reach from children and pets.

Please practice witchcraft ethically and with good will and intent.

-Ramhorn Rituals