Oddity Teal Velvet Victorian Hair Mourning Shadow Box

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“The Victorians were also famously sentimental. Hair art, which could be used to commemorate the living or dead beloved, perfectly merges the fashion for mourning and sentimentality." - Joanna Ebenstein, founder of New York’s Morbid Anatomy Museum and editor of Death: A Graveside Companion.

This piece of Victorian Mourning hair art has a very unique setting. This opening shadow box allows you to open and even touch the human hair wreath inside. The wreath itself resembles a boutonniere. There are several exposed wires that make the piece look slightly unfinished or damaged, but this specimen remains intact, even secured to the bottom satin lining of the box. Crushed teal velvet on the exterior, some sections do look like they may have water damage where the edges and corners are brown. 

Measurements: 8" wide, 8" deep, 3" tall