Oddity Large Red Velvet Victorian Hair Mourning Hanging Shadow Box

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“The Victorians were also famously sentimental. Hair art, which could be used to commemorate the living or dead beloved, perfectly merges the fashion for mourning and sentimentality." - Joanna Ebenstein, founder of New York’s Morbid Anatomy Museum and editor of Death: A Graveside Companion.

This large wood and gold framed Victorian Hair wreath would make quite the impact as a center piece in any room! Backed in red velvet, with two red velvet pom poms as the centerpiece. This wreath is large and has several gradients of hair color, so it is likely this cold be a multi-person piece. Made from several samples of hair from a family. The wreath is made in way to look like flowers and features four small beads at the bottom. Wooden frame with a wire hanger on the back. This frame can easily be taken a part with two screws on the side. 

Condition: The glass has a little bit of a foggy or streaky texture what we were not able to remove from cleaning it from the inside or out. There is a chip in the upper left corner or the wooden frame. Gold paint flaked off in the upper right corner. 

Measurements: 18" Wide, 18" tall, 5" deep