Larissa Lopez Flower & Tooth Necklace

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Larissa Lopez started making oddity art in 2019. Larissa has a passion for art, animals, and oddities. Her art highlights the unique beauty of life and death. Using skulls, bones, crystals, and dried/silk florals, her style tends to be very feminine and detailed. Her art features an array of mediums from jewelry, wreaths, live plants, wall hangings, and (dead or living) terrariums.

All of her art is made with ethically sourced pieces.

This piece is made of dried flower petals, animal tooth, and resin. Pendant mesures: 2" x .25"

Pendant is on a 20" waxed black cord with a lobster clas closure and adjustable chain. The chain and clasp are made of composit metal, not suitible for those with nickel allergies.